Sunday, 11 March 2018


Over the past couple of weeks our maths topic has been 'Measures'. We have been looking at measuring length, height and weight and also measuring time. We have done lots of practical activities in these areas as well as volume and capacity.
We have measured the length of items in cubes and with a ruler.
We have measured the volume of a range of containers.
We have also find out how much objects weigh using the scales with cubes.
We have been using language such as taller, shorter, wider, narrower, larger, smaller to compare.
The children have had great fun.

Design Technology Spring term 2

The children have been working so hard designing and making 17th century houses. We began by testing a range of attachment tools to see which would be the strongest for joining our boxes together. We decided as a class masking tape worked the best. The children worked in small groups planning their designs of their houses and thought carefully about how they would decorate them. They all did such a fantastic job and worked so well in teams.

Superstar 8.03.18

Our superstar this week is always working so hard. He did an exceptional job making his house in design technology and worked so well with his partner. He often puts his hand up on the carpet with super ideas and listens so well.
He is a pleasure to teach.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Animal Sculptures.

As we have been making sculptures in art and learning about materials in science we decided to set a homework challenge combining knowledge and skills from both areas. The children did an absolutely amazing job and loved sharing them in class. Many thanks to all parents for your support.

Superstar 1.3.18

Our superstar this week has turned over a new leaf. He is working so hard now, contributing fantastic ideas and listening so well.
He has learnt his lines for our class assembly off by heart already and recites them with such great enthusiasm. His reading has improved massively and he can answer tricky questions really well.
He is a lovely, happy, enthusiastic little boy and he is a pleasure to teach.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Superstar 22.02.18

Our superstar this week is working so well independently. She is thinking hard for herself and trying to work things out before she asks for support. Her confidence is growing daily and she is putting her hand up a lot more on the carpet which is lovely to see. 

100 Days of School

We had such a wonderful day on Monday celebrating 100 days of school. The children had great fun. We made cheerio necklaces, bracelets and hats. We also made posters with groups of ten up to 100. The children brought in examples of 100 objects and decorated some excellent T shirts at home.
We celebrated with a lovely piece of cake in the afternoon. Many thanks to all parents for all the amazing contributions and ideas for this special day.